Alex Tech banishes Tech-neck

Alex Tech banishes Tech-neck

A NEW randomised controlled trial published in the prestigious Annals of Internal Medicine demonstrates that investing in Alexander Technique lessons pays off.

517 people with chronic neck pain took part in the trial.  Most had suffered neck pain for over six years.

The Alexander Technique lessons enabled participants to make beneficial long-term changes to the way they carried out their everyday activities.  At the end of the trial, one year after lessons began, they were still enjoying the same level of pain reduction.  People also had a significant increase in knowledge and ability to manage their own condition.

People who apply the technique in their daily lives can be inspired and enabled to rediscover their natural free movement, good muscular tone and improved sense of wellbeing.

‘Tech Neck’ is becoming an ‘epidemic’. People are unaware of the problems they can be storing up as a result of constantly staring at smartphones, ipads and the like. This informative article highlights the importance of looking after your neck.

Children can also benefit from taking Alexander classes as soon as possible so they can learn how to look after their bodies during periods in front of their online devices and avoid problems in the future.  This article highlights the difficulties young people are facing on a daily basis as they engage in an increasingly technological world.

Read Sameena’s story; one of my pupils who recovered from constant neck pain.  She says:

‘This is what it feels like to be pain free, this is how I’m supposed to feel’.

Don’t let ‘Tech Neck’ rule your life, contact me and invest in your future.

©Caroline Dale. Nov 2015.