What People are Saying…..

In-Person Sessions:

Unexpected Benefits:

I was looking for something to help with my posture and a friend recommended to try Alexander Technique with Caroline Dale and I haven’t looked back. Caroline is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about Alexander Technique. Her sessions are relaxing and extremely insightful. She helps make small delicate changes to the body but even more so to the mindset… these changes are showing in all different areas of my life. I leave the sessions feeling like I have had a chance to reset. I also definitely feel like my posture has improved but it’s more that my whole appearance is changing as my mind is in a much better place. Alexander Technique has exceeded my expectations and Caroline is delightful, positive, and an expert in this field. I can’t recommend Caroline highly enough. If you can give yourself this opportunity you 100% should.. it’s life-changing! MM

Caroline is a wonderful teacher and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She is calm, kind, listens and has great intuition. I started working with her after suffering from chronic back pain for a year. Within three months my pain had considerably reduced. More generally, I have found Alexander Technique to have a very positive influence on the way I live my everyday life. I think it is an essential foundation for anyone navigating modern life. EM

“From day one Caroline was personable, professional and empathetic all at the same time.  I did not realise just how life changing learning and practicing the Alexander Technique with her would be.  I highly recommend you experience this with her for yourself.” V.S.

“The lessons cured my back, neck and RSI but more than that, the lessons improved my life in other unexpected ways. Please, please, please, book some lessons with Caroline and let the Alexander technique transform your life too. Caroline is a wonderful teacher and I made exciting progress and interesting discoveries in every lesson.” B.L. 

Changing Habits:

“The Alexander Technique has awakened a realisation in me about how powerfully habits play in my life.  Being empowered with the technique has enabled me to change some of these habits to create more freedom and confidence in life.” Y.O. 

I Got More Energy:

“The Alexander Technique is a curious mix of being invigorating and yet relaxing.  I have found that learning how to be more self-aware and thinking about how I am using my body, creates more energy and less discomfort.    I have been amazed at the amount of tension I have been holding in my body.  I believe the Alexander Technique can help me to achieve my goal of being more relaxed and energetic in life”.     M.C.

It’s a Re-education:

“Alexander Technique is teaching me a growing awareness of my body and how I do everything!  My lessons are re-educating my body and I am starting to feel a real sense of freedom of movement and lessening of tension.  It is intellectually challenging too and I am enjoying the possibilities it is offering me”. R.D.

A Welcome end to back pain:

“The Alexander Technique has taught me to be aware of my body in a new way and as a result I can deal with the stresses and strains of daily living in a new and more efficient way.  My continual neck and backache are things of the past”. S.P. 

I Have a Better Life:

“The Alexander Technique has helped me to look at the way I use my body.  It has made my life better”. E.L.

A Helpful Signpost:

“The Alexander Technique is about ‘direction of the body’ not ‘correction of the body’”.  J.E.

An Open and Shut Case:

Thank you, Caroline.  I hadn’t realised when I started learning Alexander Technique that it would be such a useful part of my toolbox of litigation skills!”   C. H.

A Journey by Yourself:

“No travel agent can take you there”. P.D.

It’s About Unlearning:

“What Caroline has taught me is that you have to ‘unlearn’ your bad habits, whilst re-learning the natural ‘good habits’ you were born with.” D.S. 

A Musician’s Story;

“Aside from curing my violinist’s shoulder, the Alexander technique has become a part of every aspect of my life. Caroline’s approach is both reassuring and informative and I would recommend her classes to anyone wishing to learn more about this essential framework for mind and body.” M.V. 

Group Classes:

“As someone who works at a computer all day, I have recently begun to get an aching back and shoulders, probably as a result of bad posture.  I’d heard about the Alexander Technique from a friend and so when I heard about the Introductory course run by Caroline Dale, I thought it was worth investigating.

I cannot recommend Caroline as a teacher highly enough.  There was a mix of people and she prompted some thought-provoking and stimulating discussion. This was balanced with practical work.  Caroline worked with different people each week and it was fascinating to observe, and motivating to feel the difference when I was the person she worked with. I enjoyed the sessions so much that I am following them up with some individual lessons to further benefit from the advantages I think the Alexander Technique can bring.” C.P.

We Made Subtle Shifts;

“Caroline is an excellent teacher who thoroughly, and patiently, guided our small group through the basic principles and background of what the Alexander technique is.  She taught us how it developed so that, with understanding, we could make subtle, conscious shifts in our everyday movement and thinking.  The course is a solid foundation for understanding the basics (which are essential).  I will be going back for individual session with Caroline so she can show me where I need to improve my incorrect habits and I can practice these in my daily life. I highly recommend Caroline’s classes to anyone looking to know more about the Alexander technique and how it can improve your wellbeing. K.D.

Online Sessions:

“I have had several sessions with Caroline and when we couldn’t meet up for one, I asked for an online session to see if AT could help with the general tiredness I felt, rather than a specific issue.  During the session I started to feel everything relaxing but at the same time I felt more energised than I had in days. I even felt my eyes relaxing, which was lovely!  Caroline brings her many years of experience to every session. She has great empathy and a genuine concern for the wellbeing of her clients.  Thank you so much and looking forward to the next session.” J. E.

“Our teenage daughter: The changes that we have noticed in our daughter’s deportment since she has been working with Caroline are impressive.  She came to Caroline with an extremely hunched upper spine and a lack of awareness in how she presents herself.  Our daughter looks 2 inches taller and her outward confidence as a result of the AT work is great. I would therefore not hesitate in recommending Caroline as an excellent Practitioner.  She is patient, kind and thoughtful and is doing excellent work with AT practices.” T.K.

I consulted Caroline with chronic lower back pain which was preventing me from working and causing me extreme pain.  Having had several online sessions, I found an instant benefit regarding the discomfort in my back.  I also learned how to relax my body properly, which has been very beneficial for ongoing health management.  Also invaluable was the teaching I received regarding movement and how to avoid creating further problems.  I found the online experience with Caroline nothing short of miraculous.  I would not hesitate to recommend Caroline to anyone. M.E.

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