Know Your Element
Discover Your Heart’s Elemental Nature

June 18 – July 23 2024 (6 sessions)

5.30-6.30pm UK 

In our work of the heart, the four natural elements – earth, water, fire, air – are spiritual qualities rather than scientific properties.  Although all four elements are contained in each of us, each person has a governing element and it is the qualities of this particular element that helps us fulfill our unique purpose in the world.

However, for many of us, our early and later experiences of life can repress our true elemental nature.

For example: imagine you are naturally of the fire element. When young, you’re full of energy and enthusiasm, always on the go, looking for fun and adventure, but you’re constantly being told to ‘quieten down’ and ‘hush your voice’; or perhaps someone in your family is sick and you have to reduce your enthusiasm and energy to accommodate their illness.  Or you naturally belong to the air element; you’re a sensitive and naturally quiet child, living in your own wonderful world of thoughts and imaginings.  But you get overlooked and unheard in your noisy family, or told to ‘pay attention’ or ‘stop day dreaming’ in class.  Now your real elemental nature is moderated and overpowered in order for you to feel safe, fit in and survive in your environment.

You carry this forward into your adult life, forgetting more and more who you really are.  Except that ‘something’, ‘somewhere’ quietly continues to pull you to remember who you are and what you’re here for.

Discovering your original elemental nature is not just interesting; in Heart Rhythm Practice, we use that knowledge as a tool for transformation.  Transforming yourself from who you have believed you are into who you really know you are.

Below are some of the topics we explore over  6 weeks:

  • Identify and develop your primary element.
  • Look at it alive in nature and understand its unique qualities
  • Observe and feel those qualities operating within yourself
  • Develop a close relationship with your elemental nature
  • Recognise the distortions that often occur before your element is refined and becomes your friend for life
  • Begin to recognise the elemental qualities of others and understand why they do things the way they do (often very different from your way).

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