Welcome to Alexander Technique London. I am Caroline Dale and I have been using the concepts and principles of the Alexander Technique for 22 years helping people to relieve long-standing back and neck pain, improve posture and lower their stress levels. There is lots more information on the site – so have a look around and I will be happy to answer any of your questions.

I offer  1-1 sessions in person and online as well as group classes.  

You can contact me for a 15 minute chat to discuss your individual situation and see if you want to take it any further.  

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Client Reviews:

“I started seeing Caroline simply for postural improvement, but soon realised this method goes far beyond the physical—it’s trickling into every area of my life, enhancing my awareness of how I relate to my body, myself and the world.
I’m only 10 sessions in, and it’s like a lightbulb has been switched on. It’s hard to describe (or even understand) the simplicity yet depth of this method.
I come away from each session feeling rejuvenated and calm—Caroline is such a wonderful teacher with a kind, loving presence. Suffice to say, I’ve been recommending her and the Alexander Technique to all my friends!”   ZM Feb 2023

I was looking for something to help with my posture and a friend recommended to try Alexander Technique with Caroline Dale and I haven’t looked back. If you can give yourself this opportunity you 100% should.. it’s life-changing!” Read More Here.MM (Dec 2022). 

Caroline is a wonderful teacher and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She is calm, kind, listens and has great intuition. I started working with her after suffering from chronic back pain for a year. Within three months my pain had considerably reduced. Read More Here.EM. (Nov 2022). 

Over many years I have had quite a few different AT teachers, but for me, Caroline is the perfect one. She has a very calming manner, is totally holistic and very experienced. My lumbar spinal stiffness seems to have improved considerably since going, possibly due to a number of positive changes I have made, but I am very happy either way.  She has reminded me about using my body in the least stressful way… Read More Here. SS. (Aug 2022)

About the Alexander Technique


At the core of the Alexander Technique is a simple idea; habits that have often developed unnoticed over many years and which are now causing pain, tension and/or an unnatural postural profile, can be changed.

Using a holistic approach involving both mind and body, Caroline will show you how to change your habits and restore your health and wellbeing, so you can get on with the things you really want to do.

I found an instant benefit regarding the discomfort in my back. I also learned how to relax my body properly which has been very beneficial for ongoing health management and avoiding future problems.  I found the experience  nothing short of miraculous”. ME (June 2019)

Habits are like knots; they are easy to create but much more tricky to unravel.  Through a programme of classes involving simple, practical experiences and topic discussions, Caroline will guide you through the process of learning how to untie the knots and prevent new ones from developing. Once you start applying the principles you have learnt to your everyday life, the ripple effect will make everything you do more focused, enjoyable, and effective. 

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About Caroline


Caroline discovered the benefits of the AT after suffering from a frozen shoulder, RSI and stress.  She was so deeply affected by the health and other benefits of the work for herself, as well as its potentiality for helping others, that she gave up her profession as an International Art Consultant and undertook the 3-year full time AT practitioner training.  Caroline has helped a very wide variety of people recover from back pain, unwanted postural changes and tension related conditions  during the past 20 years. Her clients have ranged in age from six to 94.  

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Getting Started


Whether you’re just beginning or have already had some experience, Caroline offers several ways to help you get started or continue with your learning.

I believe the Alexander Technique can help me to achieve my goal of being more relaxed and energetic in life”. M.C. 

You can begin with a 15-minute no obligation ‘phone call to help you find out more or you can go here and look at all the options.


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