As someone who works at a computer all day, I have recently begun to get an aching back and shoulders, probably as a result of bad posture.  I’d heard about the Alexander Technique from a friend and so when I heard about the introductory course run by Caroline Dale, I thought it was worth investigating.

After completing the course of 4 group lessons, I cannot recommend Caroline as a teacher highly enough.  There was a mix of people on the course, and she prompted some thought-provoking and stimulating discussion based on our expectations and observations.  This was balanced with practical work.  Caroline worked with different people each week to demonstrate the principles of the Alexander Technique being applied so that we could really grasp how they are of benefit.  It was fascinating to observe, and motivating to feel the difference when I was the person she worked with.

I think the introductory course on its own is definitely worth doing.  I learned something new in each lesson, and by the end of the course I had enough knowledge to be able to practice the basic exercises.  The course gave me enough awareness to be able to start to correct my posture.

However, I enjoyed the sessions so much that I am following them up with some individual lessons to further benefit from the advantages I think the Alexander Technique can bring. CP



Caroline is an excellent teacher who thoroughly, and patiently, guided our small group through the basic principles and background of what the Alexander technique is.  She taught us how it developed so that, with understanding, we could make subtle, conscious shifts in our everyday movement and thinking.

The course is a solid foundation for understanding the basics (which are essential).  I will be going back for individual session with Caroline so she can show me where I need to improve my incorrect habits and I can practice these in my daily life.

I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to know more about the Alexander technique and how it can improve your wellbeing. KD