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Alexander Technique Courses and Workshops

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– Introductory Course –

Whether you’re a beginner, or have already had some Alexander classes, learning how to do things in a less intensive and more natural way enables you to feel more centred and energetic, prevent injury, reduce anxiety and move more freely – just as nature intended!

Many people find that the Alexander Technique becomes a valuable tool for self-management, helping them to discover and maintain balance in their busy lives.

What people say:

“Caroline’s approach is both reassuring and informative and I would recommend her classes to anyone wishing to learn more about this essential framework for mind and body”.MV. Managing Director

“After completing the course of four group lessons, I cannot recommend Caroline as a teacher highly enough.  CP

“I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to know more about the Alexander technique and how it can improve your wellbeing.” KD

Benefits of joining the course:

  • Practical one-to-one experience of the Alexander Technique.
  • An understanding of how mental and physical stresses and tension can be reduced.
  • An understanding of how to maintain naturally good postural habits whilst meeting the demands of 21c life.

The classes are small, so you will have plenty of individual attention and practical experience as well as sharing activities and discussions on a variety of related topics with a group of like-minded people.

Next course dates to be advised.

How much: £120 (4 classes)

Book here or telephone 07850 979508

– Master the Basics –

SATURDAY  (Next date to be advised)

Introductory workshops are enjoyable, informative and experiential. The day runs from 11am – 4pm and offers an introduction to the principles of the Alexander Technique. Participants are offered practical experience, as well as discussion and exploration of various aspects of the technique and how it can inform and enhance our daily lives

A reading list and follow up information are supplied.


Cost: £60 per person. (max 6 participants).

-The Principles of the Alexander Technique – next date to be advised   6.30pm-8.00pm. (NW3).

Joining a short course (2 classes) will introduce you to the benefits of the Alexander Technique. You will learn how to use the technique in your daily life to reduce undue tension and stress, including back, neck and shoulder pain, enhance all aspects of performance, improve relationships and give you an experience of the physical freedom you already own. The course runs once a week and covers the six main principles of the Technique. You will have practical experience of the work as well as discussions and other activities with a group of like-minded people.

Course Cost: £70 per person. (max 6 participants).