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Weyes up! Outsmart your smartphone!

Feb 25, 2015   //   by Caroline   //   Alexander Technique  //  Comments Off on Weyes up! Outsmart your smartphone!

Fed up being a slave to the pressures from your smartphone or ipad? Then why not:-

(a) Try out the latest niche holiday market – a ‘digital detoxing holiday’! (David Cameron discovered a ‘not spot’ whilst holidaying in Cornwall and smartphone-exhausted sufferers are rushing to find one near them for a break.)


(b) Take some Alexander Tech classes and master the art of ‘DIGITAL DELAY’ (you don’t even have to go on holiday and it lasts for ever!).

Does a detox holiday really help? Yes – your ‘beloved’ is put in the smart ‘phone crèche on arrival whilst you pay up for your stress-free vacation. And yes, you ARE going to feel a lot better at the end of the weekend because of it.

However, come Monday morning – what are you going to do when ‘beloved’ demands once more your full and undivided attention? You are, of course, going to lavish all your remorseful focus onto the demands of your smartpartner in crime.

Had you forgotten “we go everywhere together”; “do everything together”; “pay special attention to each other”; “look after each other”; “ignore other people”? Of course you hadn’t, you’re right back, hand-in-hand.

An article in The Times, Sat Feb 14,states: “The average person checks their smartphone more than 1,500 times per week…” (that’s 214 times per day!). Or, as comedian Andy Parsons says – it’s like getting up and opening the front door every 4 minutes just to see if there’s someone there!

Not only are we yielding to the temptations of our digital friend every few minutes, we are also causing our bodies to lose the direction (upwards) we have taken millions of years to achieve!

Sneak a look at your fellow travellers next time you’re on a train or tube. You can see how our digital mates have us hooked. Hunched over our smartphones, picking (no not that!) up emails, replying to text messages, planning diaries or playing games. Nobody wants that rounded back or the Tech Neck[1] symptoms – but that’s what we’re getting from our digital friend.

So, instead of the Detox holiday why not take control of your technological partner – for good. Show him or her who is really Boss around here!

Take some Alexander Tech classes and learn the best technique ever for taking back control of your life – “DIGITAL DELAY”. It’s amazing. Thousands of people say so.

And a simple self-start is to ‘Weyes up’: Next time you are on the tube or train keep your eyes up for your journey instead of looking down at your ‘phone. It’s like running, the more miles you clock up, the healthier you will become and your body will be profoundly grateful.

Book yourself in for an explanatory Alexander Tech session and see the difference.

Contact: Caroline to book your first class.

Or find a teacher near you through the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT)  www.stat.org.uk


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