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Scientific Research

Chronic lower back pain. The Alexander Technique is scientifically proven to be effective for chronic lower back pain.

This video was produced as part of a major study which was completed in 2008 and which demonstrated the effectivess of the Alexander Technique in alleviating chronic lower back pain. The study was published in the BMJ. Click here to read the BMJ study, or watch the video :


The results of the study showed that of the 579 people who took part, the average number of days in pain per month was reduced from 21 to 3 and was maintained a year later.

Parkinson’s Disease – The Alexander Technique as an effective intervention.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) develops evidence-based guidelines on the most effective ways to diagnose, treat and prevent disease and ill health. They inform the NHS, GP’s, local authorities and members of the public on the best evidenced based health and social care.

“Our guidance sets the standards for high quality care across health, social care and public health.”

“ The Alexander Technique may be offered to benefit people living with PD by helping them to make lifestyle adjustments that affect both the physical nature of the condition and the person’s attitudes to having PD.”

click here ¬†to access NICE guidance on Parkinson’s Disease.

Music Students.  Alexander Technique classes improve pain and performance factors in tertiary music students.

New study reveals AT classes may contribute to the management of PR (playing-related) pain and pertinent risk factors in music students.

Read the abstract here.