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Best Books on the Alexander Technique and other useful links

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I recommend  these books as a good starting point for anyone interested in reading and learning more about the Alexander Technique.

“Body Learning” by Michael Gelb: This book provides a practical and simple introduction for anyone considering learning the Alexander Technique. It is the first book I recommend to new and potential students.

“The Alexander Technique” by Edward Maisel: Edward Maisel’s book is a beautifully compiled introduction to a selection of Alexander’s own text. It is a good introduction to the history and development of the Technique, and is still one of my favourite Alexander books.

“The Use of the Self” by F M Alexander. This was Alexander’s third book.  It is still a classic and describes the process Alexander went through whilst discovering and developing his work.  It is a rich source of information not only about the procedures Alexander developed, but about the fundamental processes involved in changing habitual psycho-physical patterns.  It is a treasure of a book just to browse through or to delve deeply into the  teachings it contains.

The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique.

This site offers extensive information about the Alexander Technique.

The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT)

You can search the Society’s index of certified teachers to find  one nearest to you.