Ongoing Meditation Class 2022


Heart Rhythm Practice

Thursdays:  Jan 13 – 24 Mar (10 sessions)

(1 week half term)

5.30-6.30pm GMT

Developing Constancy &

Accepting Change

There is nothing in the world which defies change and by definition creates insecurity.

If you can depend on anything it is the constancy hidden in the depths of your heart.

During the 10 session programme you will experience the unshakable nature of your heart no matter what is going on around you.

You will experience the profound effects of sound practices creating vibration and energy in the heart together with a focus for the mind.

You can support your heart by focusing your attention on it; and your heart will support you back by focusing itself on the challenges you have in your life.  It will show you the path to take so that neither you nor those around you need suffer.

To deny the changeableness of life is like fancying a motionless sea, which can only exist in one’s imagination. (Hazrat Inayat Khan)

Join together for support and constancy in the uncertainty of now.

Which heart quality will support you?

The Programme:

10 weeks.  1 peaceful hour per week.

  • 15 minute topic discussion
  • 30 minute guided meditation
  • 15 minute comments, questions and group discussion
  • A reflective practice to focus your mind during the coming week.
  • An audio recording of the meditation each week, so you can practice on your own after the session.


Early: £90.00 until Jan 7 2022.

Regular: £100.00 (contact me for two payments of £50.00).

Join in here!


* Refunds in full up to 7th January 2022.

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+447850 979508