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F M Alexander’s table


Alexander's original teaching table

Alexander’s original teaching table


In July 2007, Alexander’s relatives put the last of his effects up for auction.  Amongst these was the table he had owned and used for teaching in his practice at Ashley Place in London SW1.  Caroline was fortunate enough to put in the highest bid to secure this historical item.  In ‘Alexander’ terms, this is the equivalent of owning Freud’s couch!

Being in poor condition, the table was restored in London by Anderson & Walters, French Polishers and Restorers.

By coincidence, in Spring 2007 an article appeared in the professional Alexander journal ‘Conscious Control’. Walter Carrington, who had trained with F M Alexander, describes a table having been made for Alexander by  two of his pupils, the Crossly brothers.  This was in 1939, just before the war and was the first time a table had been used by Alexander at Ashley Place, previously people having lain on the floor.

The table is now a prized possession and is used in Caroline’s practice,  Alexander Technique London.