Bright Ideas!



Polishing the AT Principles ‘till they sparkle in your mind!

A new 10-week programme

Tuesday 16 Nov ‘21 – Tuesday 14 Feb ‘22


(16 Nov–14 Dec 2021   11 Jan–8 Feb 2022)

(3-week break over Holidays)

The basic principles communicated by FMA are the foundation of all AT work and what makes it unique in the field of personal progress.

This is an opportunity for you to:

      • Shine a spotlight on the AT principles and gain inspiring new insights, intriguing new concepts and a fresh clarity.
      • Explore your ideas and exchange your new perceptions with others.
      • Create new ways of communicating AT principles, in your own unique way, to teach and inspire others.
      • Increase your level of self-confidence in presenting AT material.

By the end of the programme you will have:  

      • INVESTIGATED the principles in depth and from new thought-provoking perspectives.
      • IDENTIFIED new ways of presenting the subject matter at an appropriate level to others; whether in groups, individually, online or in the studio.
      • COMMUNICATED each principle clearly and explained their relevance within your teaching and learning environment

The classes will have six participants and will be personal and interactive. Everyone will be invited to contribute in whole group and smaller group discussions and assignments.  There will be reflection, questions, study, lots of inspiring thinking – and fun!  There won’t be any formal homework.

At the beginning of last year I realised that I needed to polish my understanding of Alexander’s Principles if I was going to teach online successfully.  The work called for simplicity and clarity and I decided to re-read all four of Alexander’s books. I subsequently taught AT very successfully online by communicating the fundamental principles to newcomers.  I gained many new insights and perspectives that now inform all my work; as if I had polished up what I already understood but saw it with fresh and enthusiastic new eyes.

In sharing my findings, I hope to provide a platform for you to polish your own perceptions and gain new understandings of the principles behind our teaching and I hope it will excite and inspire you in going forward with your work.

Seeing with new eyes is challenging and stimulating; going back to the original teacher is a good place to start.


Programme Fee:

Regular: £450.00

Invited Teacher: £350.00