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About the Alexander Technique

Run Together


“People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.”
F M Alexander


At the core of the Alexander Technique is a simple idea; the habits that we have developed over many years and which may now be causing unwanted physical problems can be changed.  

People who use the technique, regularly experience improvements in self-confidence, postural changes, longstanding back pain, repetitive strain injury, stress and many other conditions.

Over a series of lessons, postural and stress habits, that can often be at the root of our problems, are brought to awareness where they can be managed, so that more beneficial ways of using the body can develop over a period of time.

A common thought is “I was very tall at school, so made myself stoop to fit in”. A common physical habit is I find myself straining towards my computer”. The physical results are pretty much the same and the solution is the same.  

“The Alexander Technique has awakened a realisation in me about how powerfully habits play in my life.  Being empowered with the technique has enabled me to change some of these habits to create more freedom and confidence in life.” Y.O. Business Manager

Habits are like knots, they can be easy to create but much more tricky to unravel. The longer they exist, the stronger they become.  Eventually we use the body with the knots tightly tied and no matter what efforts we make they will not unravel themselves.  The technique shows us how to unravel the knots that reduce our stature, cause pain in our backs and prevent us from doing the things we want to do.  

Once you can apply the technique for yourself, it will make everything (including exercising of all sorts) more enjoyable and effective. 

NEUROSURGEON, Jack Stern MD talks about the Alexander Technique

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CONTACT Caroline to book an introductory session or have a chat