7 week Meditation for AT teachers – Level I


Level I

A  new meditation programme for AT teachers

Tuesdays:  May 25 – July 6 2021

Note: 2nd session will be on Wed 2 June

(7 weeks)

17:30-18:30 BST

Heart Rhythm Practice is an easily learned,  practically applied meditation, aiming to awaken the inner qualities of your heart, so that it can act clearly and positively in your life.  Difficult situations can often be transformed when seen through the eyes of an empowered heart.

“As a nearly newcomer to meditation and with some prejudice about it, I learned to appreciate it for the first time.”

Dimensions & Qualities of the Heart

We are living in a time of substantially heightened fear and instability and many of us, as well as our clients, have struggled in many ways throughout the past year.

Coming together to strengthen our hearts can bring immeasurable benefit in helping us to cope more easily and clearly with the existing and upcoming conditions.

When we enrich and stabilise our inner world, we enrich and stabilise the world around us.

“My heart arrythmia stopped after the first session and has not returned”.

The practices are simple, yet profound, using nature’s two most powerful rhythms in the body; the breath and the heartbeat, to bring clarity and stillness to the mind and energy and focus from the heart.

Body in repose:  Mind at rest:  Heart at peace.

 “Caroline creates a beautiful, peaceful space to explore the Heart Rhythm Practice.”


7 weeks.  1 hour per week

    • 20 minute topic introduction, discussion
    • 20 minute guided meditation
    • 15 minute questions and group discussion
    • A reflective practice to focus your mind during the coming week.
    • An audio recording of the meditation each week, so you can practice on your own between the sessions

Fees*: £70.00 (or please contact me if you prefer to make two payments of £35.00).  If you have been financially affected by Covid conditions, please contact me rather than not join in.

Suitable for: All AT teachers & trainee teachers**.

Caroline Dale:  I am certified as a teacher of Heart Rhythm Practice by the Institute of Applied Meditation and have guided many individual and group classes and programmes.  I qualified as an Alexander Teacher in London in 2001. 

My  experience is that both the disciplines I practice are so intimately entwined that each informs the essence of the other.  My summary is; we become what we practice most.


Contact: caroline@alexandertechniquelondon.com

+447850 979508

* Refunds in full up to 48 hours before start of programme.

** Trainee teachers: £10.00 discount. Please contact me if you’d like to join.